Essay on The Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Cognitive Development Cognition, the act of obtaining knowledge, understanding it, recognizing it, and remembering the information, is one of the characteristics that make us human. Problem solving is another category that falls under cognition and we use it daily. Along with problem solving is language. Language is the act of placing insignificant syllables together to communicate with one another. Developmental cognition is directly related to how we perceive language and when we are able to express needs and thoughts coherently. There are two separately grouped researchers, Bronfenbrenner and Super & Harkness, who view cognitive development differently. Noted in the text, one Bronfenbrenner’s most influential work is the ecological model. The model describes human development as a “dynamic, interactive process in which human beings create the environments in which they live and that these, in turn, help shape their own development” (p.24). According to Bronfenbrenner, the characteristics of the individual and his or her environment collectively play a role in growth of cognitive functions.
In context, the biological aspect may pertain to the function of the brain. For instance, if a child had an underdeveloped pre-frontal cortex (the part responsible for cognitive thinking), possibly caused by fetal alcohol syndrome, it would directly affect the child’s ability to understand and learn information. The inability to process information also postpones the act of…

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