Essay about The Theory Of Behaviorism Theory

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Behaviorism is a theory introduced during the time that psychoanalytic theory was being practiced. About 1913 John B. Watson wrote a paper on Behaviorism called Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It. This paper essentially kicked off the theory. Behaviorism states that a person’s environment is what develops behavior. It is formed on objects, comforts, and things and people surrounding the subject. It does not consider the emotions or will or mind of the person. If the Behaviorism Theory is going to be considered as psychology then it needs to be measured. The first theorist I want to introduce is Ivan Pavlov. He was born in 1849 in Russia. As a Russian scientist he won a Nobel Prize for classical (respondent) conditioning in his research on animal digestion. While processing this experiment on the dogs’ saliva, he noticed a huge learning curve had been developed in the dogs. The dogs slowly connected the tone of a bell with the food and salivated to both of them. Classical conditioning states that animals or persons can learn to connect a neutral stimulus with meaningful stimulus. As the person slowly responds to the neutral stimulus he will connect it to the meaningful stimulus in the same way. Eventually processing a response. The second theorist I want to introduce is B. F. Skinner. He was born in America in 1904. He is known as one of the most influential behaviorist scientists for his theory of operant (instrumental) conditioning. He experimented on rats,…

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