The Theory Of Attachment Theory Essay

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ATACHMENT THEORY Attachment theory created by Richard Bowlby a British psychiatrist has been mainly used in child psychology and is highly referenced in many situations and has been used broadly. In this paper the aim is to evaluate attachment theory in both experimental and historical context and reach an overall conclusion on how reliable and broad this theory is. Attachment theory is usually very good at predicting outcomes but sometimes may stumble when there are huge cultural differences. Some weak points of attachment theory may be said to be that some parts of it is based on Freudian ideas. Richard Bowlby lived in London and experienced the World War II first hand and his theory was mainly influenced by the kids who were sent out of London leaving their parents behind for security reasons. He was influenced by Freud. In this context, attachment means the unique emotional bond between a child and a caretaker (Bowlby, 2007). This is very much like Freud Bowlby believing that a person’s character and behavior is heavily influenced by the experiences they had in their childhood and their relationship with their parents. Freud’s views about these issues has had a lot of criticism by modern psychological theories. Some assumptions Bowlby makes in roots of this theory could be based on Freud’s theories which means that it could be set up on primitive ideas with little empirical support.

A major contributor to this theory, Mary Ainsworth, Bowlby’s student studied the…

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