The Theory Behind Nursing Homes Essay

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The American Dream is a commonly understood dream. It consists of living a very privileged life. One in which one works at the job doing what they enjoy and is part of a family that they love. What is not as celebrated is what happens after this dream has passed its prime. Once a person becomes older, it may become difficult to do even the smallest of actions. Family members may become too busy or live too far away to be able to take care of their relative’s needs. In such situations, many residents are placed into nursing homes. The theory behind nursing homes is that they are places of love and care for senior citizens and elderly inhabitants that may require special care. At the mention of nursing homes, many individuals will recall a depressing and dreary image. This image corresponds with the neglect that residents of such nursing homes are subjected to. They involuntarily become isolated from their family and friends, and may end up facing neglect or indifference by their caretakers. Despite this, we have observed that when we visit nursing homes, the environment and attitude of the residents seem to change. The occupants enjoy our company, and in return, they share their wisdom and experiences with us. Our visits present the residents with opportunities to share and interact, and we can sense the great happiness our visits bring them. It is important that nursing home residents receive proper human interaction. They may have lived the dream but their time is not over…

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