The Theories Of Organizational Theory And Design Essay

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Like many post-secondary students close to graduating in the next few semesters, I now face the decision on how to best utilize the MBA degree that I have worked diligently to attain. Unlike most students, I returned to school to change fields, having spent 20+ years in the social service sector; I now pursue career opportunities existing for those with degrees in business administration. I could have chosen health administration or public administration where I could utilize the knowledge I gained from my former career; however, having dealt with the whims of state and federal legislatures, I find myself a point in my life that I would prefer to work in the private section rather than the public sector. The specialization I opted for being in Management Information Systems. The problem that I now face is-given my knowledge base and aptitude for computer hardware and software, which career area can I best utilize my acquired skills?
As I examined the different theories in Organizational Theory and Design (2014) addressing decision making models, I chose the Prospect Theory to assist in the decision making process on which career path to pursue as I can personally identify with the fear of lose trumpeting the prospect of gain (Daft, 2015, p. 499) since it is human nature to be resistant to change. I left a career in a field that I was exceptionally knowledgeable, was respected by peers and community for my public service, and while not getting rich, was able to…

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