The Theories Of Leadership And Leadership Essay examples

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Synthesis Paper
The idea of leadership has transformed throughout the years to encompass varying aspects of leadership approaches, leadership types and the like. According to Webster’s Dictionary, leadership is defined as the power or ability to lead other people. Given its broad definition, leadership is understood to have different meanings when applied to diverse situations. For example, there are different types of approaches to leadership, including adaptive and transformative leadership. Adaptive leadership refers to the manner in which leaders are able to encourage and prepare people to deal with change. On the other hand, transformational leadership incorporates charismatic and visionary leadership in an exceptionally influential form that moves people to accomplish more than expected of them. Using these approaches as a basis, this paper seeks to further examine the different approaches to leadership, particularly examined by Berger (2014), Antonakis, Fenley, & Liechti (2011), Braun, Gable, & Kite (2011) and Snedden (2013), while offering thoughtful conclusions of their findings.
Approaches to Leadership The following section presents a discussion of approaches to leadership. Common amongst each article, there is a representation of leadership approaches in which leaders use to develop their leadership skills. Berger (2014) discusses different models which enhance the leader approach to leadership. Factors involved were how particular traits (historical periods,…

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