Max Weber's Theory Of Iron Cages

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In the theoretical models of sociology, there are 3 different ideologies. Compared to the other theorists, Max Webber takes a very different approach to proper sociological theoretical models. His idea is that society as a whole is basically the sum of all the everyday interactions of the individuals in the society. He believes that the term we call society is nothing more than a shared reality between its various inhabitants, and very influenced by it. In Max Webber’s view, if one wants to understand a society’s system, he/she should look at the people in the society to understand it.
When Max Webber talks about ‘iron cage’, he refers to the fact that modern society is stuck in a situation where it is a lot more rational than it used to be. However, he believes this rationality to be a double-edged sword. On one hand, a greater focus on rationality would lead to a far more organized, and efficient social and justice system. However, at the same time, this would also create a lot of problems for people in the society since the bureaucratic system focuses mainly on establishing law and order systematically. It does not give much emphasis to human morality, and emotions, and instead focuses on logic alone. Max
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Computers, cell phones, and the Internet have become an integral part of our lives today. Before the personal computer was invented, businesses and employees only used pen and paper to document their work. Nowadays, these technologies are essential tools for our daily lives. We can compare our indispensability to technology as an “iron cage” because in today’s world, we almost cannot live without these facilities. They offer us a lot of benefits, but at the same time, they get us hooked into these technological marvels, making us buy more and more. These technologies are also at risk of being attacked by hackers, and using these devices in our professional and personal lives puts our own lives at

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