The Themes Of Self-Preservation And Guilt In The Crucible

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The crucible is a play in Salem, Massachusetts about a hysteria of bewitchment that led to unfair trials that killed and jailed innocent people of the community. Many of these trials came to be because of people accusing others to save themselves of being tried in court. The themes of self-preservation and guilt were constant through the whole book. Three characters by the names of Abigail Williams, John Proctor and Parris roles are revolved around these 2 themes. I have picked these three characters to be on the front cover of my movie poster because of not only how much they appear in the book but because of how closely related their character traits are to the main themes. Abigail Williams is the poster child for self-preservation. She …show more content…
He is accused by many people of the town of only worrying about money and his reputation, especially John Proctor. Gabriel Stokes, an actor from the walking dead is a good match to play the role of John Proctor. “I have trouble enough without I come five miles to hear him preach only hellfire and bloody damnation. There are many others who stay away from church these days because he hardly ever mentions God anymore” is a quote that explains how much Proctor and others disliked Parris because he values land, money, and his reputation more over people and the church. Gabriel’s character in the walking dead is the same way. Many people such as Rick Grimes in the beginning of the show didn’t like him because he was untrustworthy and he was only worried about his reputation in the community and would do anything to save himself. Another example of Parris only being worried about himself is through the quote, “In my house? In my house, Thomas? –they will topple me with this: they will make of it a…” This quote is referring to Act One when Parris is worried that the bewitchment in his house from Betty will cause a bad reputation. Gabriel also had to face adversity with his reputation for being a good priest by not killing anyone. But because the pressures from other people, he killed, ruining his reputation. I think Gabriel Stokes is a great fit for the role of Parris because of his adversity with his

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