The Theme Of Love In Talk To Her By Pedro Almodóvar

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Rather than wading your way into a story, like most films do, Talk to Her dives right in, plunging you deep before you resurface with any idea of what the film entails. In the opening scene, a red curtain is drawn on two women performing on stage, running between chairs blindly. The scene is nothing short of odd, no characters are identified, neither is a plot. However, this is only the beginning. The film plays a ballgame with your emotions, rendering you forced to think about the complexity of the story and its characters.
Talk to Her (2002) is a brilliant masterpiece directed by Pedro Almodóvar. The Spanish film evokes strong emotions while slowly building a unique storyline. With love and infatuation melding together often, the lines between the two are blurred, brilliantly enhanced by Almodóvar throughout the film. The deeply ingrained idea in the movie that love cannot be malicious is omnipresent; the characters and their personalities are directly tied to this.
The movie opens
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Almodóvar depicts Benigno’s psychotic instability seamlessly with his inclusion of a silent film. To avoid any spoilers, since this is a central piece of the film’s progression, you must watch it to understand the value of the silent film. The several minutes long tidbit is comedic, slightly unnerving, and flawlessly feigns authenticity. It is a stand in for the climax of the movie, but perfectly takes its place. It is nearly impossible to not see the key component of a film and still appreciate it in its entirety, yet Almodóvar does this perfectly. The silent film switches the otherwise slow pace of the movie and delivers a strong impact. Paying to watch Talk to Her is equal to purchasing a two for one ticket; the insertion of the silent film holds its own ground and delivers a strong storyline. The intensity of a movie brought on by a comedic inclusion adds great value to the intricacy of the

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