The Theme Of Greed In William Shakespeare's Play

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Register to read the introduction… They could recognise what they saw and where it was happening which enhanced the plays understanding to its audience.

The play's theme of avarice, greed not just for wealth but any object of human desire. We see the results of this obsession unfolding throughout the play. From the beginning we see where Volpone's heart lies. It is with his wealth. His gold has become his god and consuming obsession. His opening words show this clearly 'Open the shrine, that
I may see my saint. ...With adoration, thee, and every relic of sacred treasure in this blessed room. ' (Norton, 2000. 1306) Yet it is the gaining of more wealth by cunning and deceit that drives him on to acquire more 'Yet I glory more in the cunning purchase of my wealth than in the glad possession gain.'

In order to gain yet more wealth in this way, Volpone pretends to be dying in order to obtain presents from his relatives, they like him are avaricious, birds of prey waiting to swoop on the corpse. (Peck and Coyle, 1995. 185)

This is not the normal way things run in a family, there is no

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