The Theme Of Love In Much Ado About Nothing

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Being in love can make a person act foolish and irrationally, in the play Much ado about nothing Beatrice and Benedick are in love. The passion between the characters starts from a place of despising, but blossoms into two people coming together to form a more mature stronger bond. They overcome the rumors and deceit that formed their relationship. The character’s relationship may seem as if they hate each other at times, but they see past their treacherous words and realize how much they truly love one another. Beatrice and Benedick are in love because love makes them act abnormally and irrationally.
Early on in the play Beatrice first line is “I pray you, is Signior Mountanto returned from the wars or no? “(1.1.30-31). This is significant because Beatrice throughout the play is always putting Benedick down. In this line she uses a name for Benedick that no one knows. Her first lines in the play are in reference to Benedick. She cared enough to want to know if he was alive or not. She hides these feelings of caring for Benedick behind her wit
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Beatrice’s family reputation has just been destroyed by Claudio rash and immature actions. All Beatrice wants to do is avenge her cousin, but she cannot do that because she is a woman. She admits her feelings to get Benedick to actually prove to her that this is love, by asking him to fight Claudio. Benedick is brave enough to admit his feelings to her and so is Beatrice along with asking him to “Kill Claudio”(4.1.285). Benedick in the ends up agreeing to challenge Claudio. Proving that Benedick actually cares for Beatrice because he will defend her. The marriage between the two is an honorable one even though the friar likes to tease them and say it’s out of pity. This love came from hate and then to admitting they love one another and in all reality, do care for each

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