Essay about The, The Sun Shines Bright On My Old Kentucky Home

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“Oh, the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home.” This song among many expressed the greatness of the place I call home. Growing up in Kentucky I have witnessed its beauties every day of my life. From its snowy witness to its hot summers. Its beauties never cease to amaze me. Every day I find new ways growing up here influences my life. Whether it be what I wear or how I act. Kentucky is a place where its people are proud and strong morals. I’m not the only person from this place that I believe it has influenced; I see it with family and friends. Furthermore, I also see influences of Kentucky in famous people such Loretta Lynn and Tom T. Hall. You can tell where their roots lie through their songs they sing and how they sing it. They are not the only famous people to come from Kentucky that show it. One man that comes to mind is Christopher “Kit” Carson. You may know him from movies and books but, did you know that he was from Kentucky? If you look at the way he carried himself and the things he done in his lifetime you can easily link him to Kentucky. A few things Carson did to put you in mind of Kentucky was the way he provided for himself, helped others in need, and loved to explore.
Kentucky is known for being a state with people who provide for themselves whether it be hunting, trapping or anything of the sort. Kit Carson is one of the most famous mountain men in history. I believe this was influenced by his place of birth. A person doesn’t just wake up one day and…

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