The, The State Of The Cat Essay

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Schrodinger’s experiment illustrates a cat locked inside of a chamber with no viewing holes except for a hatch. Inside the container, there is a flask filled with poison and a radioactive source that emits radioactive particles unpredictably. When the emitted radiation is detected, the flask of poison spills and kills the cat. If the hatch is closed, there is no way for one to tell if the cat is dead or alive. So, technically it would be correct to say that the cat is both dead and alive. It is not until the hatch is opened, and the result observed that the cat’s fate is decided. Without opening the hatch, the state of the cat is in superposition, it is the act of one viewing the result that reality is forced into one possibility. The act of knowing and perceiving a result is what single handedly determines the cat’s fate. Kant’s paradoxical hypothesis of Being parallels this experiment perfectly. His hypothesis is in a temporary superposition of being right and wrong. It is our act of perceiving, or opening the hatch to attempt and view this objective reality, that causes Kant’s theory of Noumena to either be nonexistent, or wrong. We have yet to open the hatch, therefore his theory is neither wrong or nonexistent, it is trapped in a superposition labeled skepticism.
I’ve spent much time deliberating on why our argument has come to a standstill, but why ask a question you don’t want to find the answer to. Even after critically analyzing many resources on the field of…

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