The, The State Of Nature : Firestone 's Materialist Manifesto By Gillian Howie

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Firestone, a radical feminist, attacked the idea of the “biological family” with a close eye on the idea that biological division of labor created through reproduction is the primary cause for male domination. Firestone’s arguments through her own book continued to be developed in the book Further Adventures of Dialect of Sex. This book is composed by multiple feminists who use theory to address several issues that pertain to women’s rights. The key debate that occurs in this book address, once again, the role of the biological family. In the section “Sexing the State of Nature: Firestone’s Materialist Manifesto” by Gillian Howie, discusses the debate of reproductive labor appears. “Exchanges of power (Hobbes) or labor (Locke) have contractual origins and for this reason remain private matters between free individuals. In Locke’s account, labor is a contract between two individuals whereby one individual sells their labor power to another and transfers the right to ownership of all that is produced through labor” (228 Gillian Howie). Locke sees that the “contract” a man and women sign, a marriage license, allow the man to gain control of the women. Marriage creates an illusion that one is spending the rest of their life with the person they love but in fact marriage is a social system that allows men to gain control over another person, the woman. There exists a “mutual recognition of inequality” due to the knowledge of male homogeny that exists. The “exchanges of power or…

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