Essay on The, The Soul Or Mind From The Body

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Raymond Smulyan proposes a very interesting concept regarding a drug that would separate, the soul or mind from the body. In his hypothetical drug, he states that drug would annihilate the soul completely but that the body would function exactly the same before. Meaning, that the person would act like if they sill had a soul. People would not be able to tell that the mind was separated from the body, only if they were told about it. This, to various philosophers of the mind would bring to many opinions and arguments about whether this could be possible or not. In, fact, there have been various papers and literature out there that bring this concept into depth about whether the mind is something that is attached to the body or something that is separate. Some philosophers believe that the mind is something that is a higher intangible concept that makes humans who they are and separating the two is something that cannot be done. Others believe that it is possible to separate the mind from the body since they are two separate belongings and in doing so nothing would be compromised and people would be able to go on about their lives in a normal manner. There are also other thoughts that although this can be done, it would be compromising something and in the end would have some sort of effect on the person.Philosopher such as Ryle, Huxley and Armstrong would all have different opinions regarding Smulyan and his concept about a drug that would be able to separate the soul from…

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