The, The Real Troy, By Josh Fischman Essay

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In the article, "The Real Troy," the author, Josh Fischman, states that while not all Trojan myths maintain historical accuracy, most contain some elements of truth. The author cites instances in the Iliad and The Odyssey that archeologists are now finding might be historically relevant. In the article, Fischman quotes Manfred Korfmann saying, "The town makes Troy about 15 times larger than previously thought." (Fischman 56) In this statement, Korfmann is describing the discoveries that had been made from the excavations near the Citadel Wall. These findings expanded the area that was thought to be Troy. Before these discoveries were made, the known portion of Troy was far too small to be the place where the great battles of the Iliad were fought. Now, after the excavations, researchers now believe that the supposed 10 year war of the Iliad, was actually a combination of multiple wars fought in the Trojan area. In conclusion, Fischman 's main point was that through recent findings, the city of Troy is very likely to be the place where the epic battles of the Iliad were inspired.
The author shows his support of his argument by demonstrating knowledge of the past and present situation of Troy. Josh Fischman, the author, does this by deciphering the data found by archeologists such as Eric Clin, Manfred Korfmann, Brian Rose, and Jack Davis. Fischman takes the dossier created by these archeologists, and applies it towards the point he 's proving, which in this case, is that…

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