The, The Lion King, And Discovers That Mufasa Dies Essay

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Many people may agree that emotions are what makes a person human. How someone feels is impacted by a particular situation at that exact moment. Emotions may include anger, fear, happiness, or sadness. The latter of which is one of the most powerful emotion, and it show a person in their most vulnerable state. Crying is how a person release the pent up sadness within themselves. Kinds of crying can be classifies according to the intensity: The silent teardrops, The hiccupping sobs, and The violent bawling. The first category of crying is the silent teardrops. The silent teardrop is the softest of all the crying . The person 's eyes begin to water and pool up with tears until they finally spill over forming a gentle steam down 6he person 's face. The culprit for this kind of crying may range from something as hurtful as a remark from a peer or as harmless as reading a sad story book. A little girl sits quietly reading the book "The Lion King" and discovers that Mufasa dies by a stampede in the gorge at Scar 's hands, and before you know it there are little paint splattered tear drops all over the page. Someone might not even recognize that the person is in fact crying unless they get a good look at the person 's face and notice the traces of tears there. The silent teardrops is a simplistic way to cry and as such doesn 't require much to calm down. It may require just a few minutes of solitude and a tissue. This type of crying for the most part is natural and the smoothest…

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