The Test Of Articulation Paper

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The Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation 2 (GFTA-2) was administered to the client. The test administration was audio recorded for further interpretation and transcription. The clinician obtained this recording from the faculty supervisor. Using the recording and a form provided by the faculty supervisor, the clinician transcribed the client’s utterances next to the target words. To analyze the client’s utterances for phonological processes, the clinician used the Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis, Second Edition (KLPA-2) manual. The client’s productions of the test items were transcribed underneath transcriptions for the target words. Comparing the client’s productions to the target word transcriptions, the clinician analyzed the client’s productions for syllable structure processes, substitution processes, and assimilatory processes. The clinician made note of normal phonological processes (e.g., cluster simplification, deletion of final consonant, and final devoicing), idiosyncratic processes (e.g., palatalization, addition of consonant, and medial devoicing), and vowel changes. The clinician documented the phonological processes found next to the target word and the client’s transcriptions on the “Target Words for Recording” form.
The clinician then determined the frequency of occurrence for phonological process using a form provided by the faculty supervisor. The number of occurrences for each process was counted in the initial, medial, and final positions of the…

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