The Terrorist Groups From The Cold War Era Essay

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“One man willing to throw away his life is enough to terrorize thousands.” (Martin, 2011)This concept originated with Chinese military philosopher Wu Ch’I and it brings to light the value or threat that one individual can have upon the world by being willing to sacrifice himself or herself. These individuals are better known today’s world as terrorists but all terrorists need funding in order to pursue their goals whether that is gaining access to weapons of mass destruction or if they seek to repeat the event like the Paris attacks or 9/11 it all starts with motivation that is fueled by funding.
Modern day terrorists have numerous methods for obtaining financing for their operations. Unlike the terrorist groups from the cold war era; modern day or new terrorists are able to effectively tap into both legal and illegal streams of financing without having accountability to state sponsors or outside influence. There are three key sources of financing that terrorist organizations utilize to fund their operations to include: donations from charity organizations, illegal activities and front companies.
Prior to a wave of sanctions on charities and freezing of assets of charities that elected to fund terrorist activity; charitable donations were one of the largest sources of revenue for terrorist organizations. Some charities would perpetuate their mission to be the promotion of Islam in a seemingly legitimate means however they were often coerced into either knowingly or…

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