Essay on The Terror Of The United States

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September Eleventh Uncovered

“Torture is what Al Qaeda terrorists did to 2,977 Americans on 9/11,” said Cheney (“Is Torture Ever Justified”). The torture that happened could have been prevented if the building construction would of had been completed, if better communication was established, if we would have started fighting off the terrorist when they were giving us hints, and if we had higher security. The terrorist attacks on September Eleventh could have been prevented.

In the months leading up to the attacks on September Eleventh, security increased with possibility of attacks happening. When the Pentagon started getting information that possible attacks were being planned, they could have done more evacuation drills to get a little more prepared for the types of attacks that could have happened. If president Bush would have used the media to tell the citizens of the United States about the hints he was getting from Al Qaeda, we could have started to plan what we would have done if the attacks would have had happened. If we were better prepared we would not have suffered the extensive losses we did. Due to the clues Al Qaeda gave us about how Bin Laden was planning these attacks on or around September Eleventh, the president gave the CIA permission to capture and kill Bin Laden and the people that helped him do the attacks (Is Torture Ever Justified).

If the technology had been better and been associated with the structural plans, the buildings…

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