Essay on The Terracotta Warriors

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210–209 BCE thousands of Terracotta warriors were constructed in the Qin dynasty, to protect the emperor, Emperor Gin, in afterlife. The significant discovery is an ongoing work site. It is around 1.5 kilometers east of Emperor Qin Shi Huang 's royal tomb.

The Terracotta warriors were found in 1974 east of Xi’an when farmers were digging a water well 1.5 km east of Qin Emperor’s tomb. When they were digging on of the men hit a warrior on the head, the news quickly spread archeologists swarmed the site to uncover more of the Terracotta warriors. The pits held over eight thousand Terra Cotta warriors and horses. There are four pits and only three have been unearthed;

Pit 1. Is the biggest pit of the four with a massive length of 230 meters long and 62 meters wide, which evaluates to two football fields. It was found when local farmers, 1974, were digging for a well. According to many people Xiang Ya set fire to the pit, which caused the pit to collapse and many warriors and horses were destroyed. They were set up in a line to be ready for battle at any given time.

Pit 2. Is half of the size of pit 1 it has mostly cavalry, crossbowmen, chariots and infantry. Pit number two is L shaped and covers 6000.05 square meters, sixteen feet deep. In pit number 2 the combat formations is more complex and the armed forces are more complete than number 1. It revealed the first terracotta general, the kneeling archer and a warrior with a saddle horse. It can be divided into four…

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