The Term Religion Is Derived From Latin Word Religio Essay

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Unit 9 Project

Unit 9 Project. The term religion is derived from Latin word religio which means awe or fear in the presence of a supernatural being or God. In Indo European language, the root word lig, or leg in the term religion means “to be concerned”. This root has a connection with the Greek word alegein which means “to pay homage”. Religion has therefore to do with concern and paying heed to. (Mugambi, 2010). According to the New Webster’s concise Dictionary, Religion is a belief in a divine or superhuman power or principle, the manifestation of such a belief in worship and ritual, any system of religious faith or practice, the religious life and a bond which binds the visible and invisible worlds.
Religion can also be defined as a system of beliefs and practices directed to the ultimate concern of the society. It is a universal phenomenon that seeks to address the deep inescapable human wants. It is a complex phenomenon that has theological, social, psychological and moral philosophical, anthropological and political aspects. Religion is therefore difficult to define. It’s such a vital and pervasive feature of human life. Philosophers define it as man’s awareness of moral law.
The functions of religion vary but Emile Durkheim states that religion has three major functions which are to provide social cohesion, social control and offer purpose and meaning to any existing questions. (Functions of Religion.) Religion regulates human behavior.…

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