The Technology Revolution Of Communication Essays

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The Technology Revolution in Communication:
From Past to Present
Technology surrounds almost everything in society. It plays a dominant role, and we use a lot of technological devices in our daily lives like mobile phones, TVs, computers, etc. Technology is the most powerful driver of our past and future life, it has been transforming and shaping our life from difficulty to ease. Thanks to technology, we can now communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world, even from other planets. In the past, people were using several to communicate between two places such as smoke, birds, whistle. Some of them were time-consuming like smoke, some of them were not easy to communicate. Science developed day by day. Therefore, people became capable of creating new technologies in process of time, such as printing press, telegraph, telephone, etc. These were state of art in their era but now we are using mobile phones and the internet to communicate without depending on place and time. “The communications revolution can be examined in two major categories historically. The first category includes the telegraph and telephone, which are historically very close compared to others, and the second category includes the following: radio, television, the internet.” (qtd. in “Communication”).

In the article, "The Telegraph: Radical Transmission in the 1790s," Mary Fairclough, who is a professor at the Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies and Department of English and…

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