The Teacher Who Changed My Life By Nicholas Gage Essay

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Many see that governments around the world distribute the right to an education to its people, which causes one to take advantage of their education and the potential it gives them. An example of this human right often exists in places such as the United States, where people view going to school and receiving an education as a normality. In “The Teacher Who Changed My Life”, by Nicholas Gage, the author demonstrates his love for learning, sparked by a teacher, a mother, and a memory. Gage flees from Greece due to the brutal treatment from Communist guerillas, such as forcing children into brainwashing re-education camps. Throughout the short story, Gage utilizes literary devices such as symbols and mood. When delving into Gage’s story, one can discover a deeper message—lasting impressions allow one to reexamine the opportunities gained from their right to an education.

To begin, Gage recounts a time when he lacked the right to an education. As a refugee of the Greek civil war, Gage narrowly escaped the sentence to a Communist re-education camp, as his mother “started planning [their] escape when she learned that the children were to be sent to re-education camps” (Gage, Nicholas. “The Teacher Who Changed My Life”. The Language of Literature. USA: McDougal Littell. 1997. Print. 84-89). Such camps, which indoctrinated children with Communist ideals and beliefs, violated the right to an education in that it took away parents’ rights to choose what and how schools…

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