The Teacher Of A Math Class Essay

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Growing up in a small school has been a huge part in my life. I have went to the same school system all of my life… Alwood School in a small town of 800 people called Woodhull in Illinois. I Started Kindergarten with many of the same people I graduated with. Going to a small school has many benefits along with also an equal amount of disadvantages. Some of advantages are getting personal attention from teachers, and more special opportunities that a bigger school wouldn’t be able to do. But also the disadvantages are having finical issues and lack of classes and recourses. And one final issue is of the amount of student enrolled. These are just some of the things I faced while attending school at Alwood.
One of the biggest advantages of going to a small school is the personal level you get with your teachers. They know literally every ones name and where they stand academically. The teacher of a math class would know if I was struggling on a certain subject and would offer study time before or after school with her. The Liberian knows what type of books I liked (even though I not a big fan of reading). She was able to help me find a book. The Ag teacher trusted his class, of 10 students, with shooting archery. Some of the teachers are so close that they came to my graduation party and even some of them get their hair cut at my mothers hair salon.
Since I started school at Scott Community College I got a glimpse of what a bigger school looks like. I know this is college and…

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