Essay The Teacher Needs For A Teacher

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As you get older, you start forgetting your childhood years in school, however, you always remember two types of teachers: The really good teacher that made school interesting and fun and/or you remember the really “not so good” teacher, who was boring and talked in a monotone voice, the teacher that would make school so miserable that you would rather catch the flu to miss a few days of school, or the teacher who might have said something negative to you that has and will stick with you throughout your whole life.
There are many of us that want to be remembered as the great teacher, however, to be that teacher that all the students love, this teacher needs to have a few characteristics. First, the teacher needs to be understandable with every child’s situation, which means, have consideration of the background of their students in the class, for example: the child’s race, culture, language, economic status, and so on. Second, the teacher needs to be likeable, especially in a classroom full of young children. Young children want to create that bond with the teacher and they won’t create that connection if the teacher is unapproachable and mean. Also, the child wants to feel special and important, and feel like they are wanted in the classroom. Lastly of many not mentioned, is the teacher needs to make her classroom and lessons interesting, fun, and educational. Teachers need to sound excitable when teaching a lesson; even if it’s their 5th time teaching it because if the…

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