The Taliban And Its Effects Essay

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The Taliban started to regroup and take power again. They began by starting small attacks on motorcycles. They would set small bombs in the ground and ambush the foreign troops. They would start going bigger and the TTP would start to attack across the border. Later after they decided they had become powerful enough to start attacking bigger. Jalaluddin Haqqani became in charge of controlling the southeastern region. The Taliban would control the south. The Taliban worked out the problems with their allies Gulbuddin Hecmatyar so they could run the eastern part of Afghanistan (Pointon, 2007).
In 2001 they increased the growth of them and began supplying most of the world with them. Poppies are drugs such as cocaine and heroin. After the invasion in spring, they created a 74,000 square footage farm for poppies. They had fifty heroin lads and then got so big they started crystal heroin. They started morphine rigs of the back of their pickups so they could take it across the border. With creating such a huge harvesting farm they became known as the opium producers. They would use camels to carry the drugs across the border. After a camel made it across the border the Pakistan anti-narcotics force ambushed the camel and found tons of heroin. They found millions of dollars’ worth of heroin on the camel. Many of the first investors would go to the border and help the Taliban gain profit to start back up. Most of their money would come from selling the opium stores that were in the…

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