The Symbol Of The Legal System Essay

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Lady Justice has been the symbol of the legal system in America as standard which all that practice the law should follow. There is a flaw, in fact, there is a racial divide that separate’s those who practice law to those that are to uphold the law. Eleanor Roosevelt once stated “justice cannot be for one side, but must be for both sides”.( Roosevelt) This insight is not carried out by those who uphold the law or pass down judgments. The blacks in America, which make up a small portion of the population have become the target of a justice system that is not blind or equal, the scales of lady justice are not even and her blindfold has fallen off. The miss treatment of black people has always been a part of American culture since they were brought here and still goes on this very day. From the adults to the children they are all being handled as second class. The cases are may so many that we will just look at a few so people can see the pattern of miss treatment. As the justice system would have us believe that they were eliminating racism “root and branch” (Green) Now with the attention on the justice system to give equal rights to every person no matter their color, everyone now had the right to counsel. With that concern addressed the justice system moved on to rectify other concerns with in the justice system. The case of Gideon which has become one of the most famous to start in motion “ concerns over a criminal system where white judges and prosecutors…

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