Essay about The Sweden Health Care System

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The average life span of human in Sweden is elevating constantly. Men’s and women’s average life are 80.1 and 83.8 years respectively. About approximately 20% of the population was about 65 years and greater. Also the number of children have increased largely. The local governments has been given more liberty, as the responsibility is divided between country councils and municipalities according to the Health and Medical Service Act. The central government’s responsibility is to organize the political schedule for health system and medical treatments. It is achieved through the piece of legal documents on which the municipality have the authority or by obeying the terms and conditions with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). The county councils and municipalities is represented by Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). The Country council is the political leader who is chosen by the citizens of the country every four years. It is the responsibility of country council to provide better health and medical care to its citizen. The citizens within the age limit of 20 facing issues with dental care is also taken care by country civil. Thus these points proved that Sweden had decentralized healthcare. Sweden is blessed with 20 country councils and 290 municipalities. In these, there is also a sub branch called regional council which is concerned about the religious rights of the…

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