Essay about The Surgery Aspect Of The Medical Field

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I have always been interested in the surgery aspect of the medical field, so when I found out we would be observing surgical operations I could not have been more excited. Michelle, who sets everything up, saw that I was on 5 North and thought it would be perfect to put me with the neurology team for the day. This added to my excitement because she did not have a lot of surgeries scheduled that entailed really open incisions and both of the operations I was able to watch did. The two surgeries scheduled for the day were an L4 to L5 microdiscectomy and a left frontal stereotactic brain biopsy. The first surgery was the L4 to L5 microdiscectomy. After I had changed into my surgical scrubs and had the appropriate attire, I entered the room and the patient had already been sedated. The surgical team was now moving the client onto the operating table in a position called the jackknife, which means the patient is lying on his/her stomach and is bent from the hips so they are lifted and the head and legs are low. I noticed the patient had SCDs on to keep the venous return and avoid DVTs. The patient was then covered with drapes except for the part on the back that the surgeon was going to cut into. The surgeon, Dr. Thomas, made a small incision on the patient’s back and began to cauterize and removed some ligament and bone material to get to the herniated disc. Once there, he removed some of the disc material, which should relieve the patient’s pain from the herniated…

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