Essay on The Supreme Court Is The Majoritarian Approach

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A different alternative to the view on the decisions of the Supreme Court is the Majoritarian Approach. This approach says that the decisions in court cases reflect the majority (white) in the United States and that the minority groups are underrepresented and do not receive the same benefits as the majority group does. This view is seen more so in the beginning of the nation when slavery was recently ended and many still felt that the white males deserved the most respect and rights. In a more recent case State v. Gorman where an African American male was charged with armed robbery “the state excluded two black jurors in the jury pool through peremptory challenges” (HIGGINBOTHAM, 2013) which led many to the question if the jurors were disqualified solely on their race. The court of appeals seemed to be guilty of prima facie case of discrimination, and the Supreme Court demanded a new trial be held to prove that there was no discrimination involved in the dismissal of the only two African American jurors. Clearly the majoritarian approach is slowly fading and the country is moving towards a more equally representative form of government for all ethnicities. No one would argue that the United States has progressed for the better concerning matters of racial equality, but is discrimination and racism truly absent in today’s society? There are those out there who believe that America is facing a shroud of misconception. There has been a long fought battle for equality in…

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