The Supreme Court And The University Of Texas Essay

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The Supreme Court has made various decisions that Liberals welcome with open arms, but one recent decision is not popular with Democrats. The Supreme Court agreed to reopen the case Fisher v. The University of Texas. The case is seem as the court case that will finally repeal 2003 case, Grutter v. Bollinger, and remove demolish the affirmative action program. Fisher v. The University of Texas was a Supreme Court case in 2013 that was sent back to lower courts. The court case deals with Abigail Fisher, a white middle-class female that feels she was passed over for less qualified minority students. The Supreme Court looks different than in 2003 and it looks like affirmative action’s days are numbered.
The federal government directly impacts the decision as it is a Supreme Court decision. If the current affirmative action plan were to get changed by a Supreme Court, then the Federal Government would take away reserved powers of the states. The 2003 decision, Grutter v. Bollinger, gave states the rights to allow public colleges and universities as an important factor in admissions decisions as long as they are not the deciding factor. Since 2003, eight states have now banned the use of race in college admissions. Public Universities in those eight states now have a lower percentage of minorities than before. If the federal government were to ban affirmative actions as a whole, then they would take away the state’s right to decide if they use affirmative action in college…

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