Essay about The Supply Chain Management Strategies

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Executive Summary
This report is to analyze what are the main reason for Zara to be success and identify logistics management strategies that supports the Zara’s succeeds. The main purpose of this report is to analyze and compare it with other successful and unsuccessful company’s supply chain management and how it is affecting the business directly and how important supply chain is.
And also what kind of strategies Zara is using to fulfilled customers need on their needed time to satisfy customer.
The report is also compared of Dell and Myers in their supply chain management to show if there are any similarities formula for success and if other company should use same strategies or not. The idea of sustainability and competitive advantage is compared with reflect on other successful and unsuccessful company’s business models.

Amancio Ortega was the founder of Zara in Spain. In the beginning Zara was an outlet to deal with cancelled orders of women’s under wears and pajamas. Through this stage Zara learn how to associate and realized how important to control the production and retail trade ( Ferdows et al, 2003). Since then Zara has expanded to more than 1,775 stores in 86 different countries all over the world.
Inditex is the Ortega’s parent company, and their main concern is to focus in customer and a demand centric supply management. Even Zara is a popular multi- national company it is still a subsidiary company of Inditex and Inditex is the…

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