The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Essay

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SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is a policy that was created to provide aid to many low-income families and individuals by offering nutritional assistance. SNAP was also formerly known as food stamps and it is one of the many federal nutrition assisted programs created by the Food and Nutrition Service that is working to end national hunger and obesity. The goal of these programs are to assist families with better food security and reducing hunger by supplying them with access to food, education in nutrition, and a healthful diet. This is possible by making relatively expensive resources such as vegetables and fruits more accessible to those with a low-income. The main social problem this policy intends to address is hunger caused by poverty. Poor nutrition is a major problem that cripples low-income families and is one of the biggest causes of death today in young children. Poverty and hunger have a mutual relationship because those who often lack the resources or physical well being to acquire food are suffering from hunger. This then usually leads to life threatening conditions such as malnutrition and even leading to death. The issue is that food is plentiful and there is enough to provide for everyone, but not everyone has the ability to obtain food due to their economic status and location. SNAP aims to confront this problem by providing food purchasing assistance to families and individuals with low income. It also helps educate people to make…

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