Essay about The Super Bowl 50 Halftime

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Music has been around for as many as 55,000 years. The egyptians, ancient greeks, romans and african slaves all had different forms of music. Much like today, we have several different types of music, country, rock, soft rock, gospel, jazz, pop, R&B but one the most controversial genres would be Hip-Hop and Rap along with urban black pop. Today, music is still pivotal. Music can personify people, give voice expressions to those who otherwise may not be heard. At the Super Bowl 50 halftime show in Santa Clara, California at the Levi’s stadium, actress, mogul and singer, Beyonce performed her newest single since her 2014 album, self entitled, “BEYONCE” called, “Formation.” This marked history as Bey’s most straightforward, controversial and politically direct song of her career. Beyonce used commentary and scholarly referencing to Hurricane katrina, police brutality, southern slavery and her southern roots representing black pride. Her dancers along with herself dressed in resemblance to the Black Panthers, known in the sixties as the Black Panther Party who was a political organization who advocated for black rights. Kendrick lamar, a 2015 grammy award winner for his astounding album, “To Pimp A Butterfly,” addressed issues against the norm of today’s hip-hop and rap by blending traces of reggae and legendary singers. Lamar raps against the wave by speaking on issues of adversity and facts bersus drugs, sex and alcohol. Music has such a pivotal platform, it often allows…

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