Essay on The Sun 's Effect On The Earth

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The sun is an immensely crucial facet required for the prosperity and continuation of all life forms here on Earth, it would be senseless to argue otherwise. Without the sun being in the exact, precise position, size, and temperature that it stays in, all known life would cease to exist. Day after day the sun continuously provides the earth with numerous necessary ingredients including light, heat, solar energy, vitamins and plant life through photosynthesis. “Photosynthesis, the biological conversion of light and energy into chemical energy, is the most important mechanism for putting energy into food chains, and plants and algae are the most important primary producers on the earth.” (Ensminger, 2001) The sun 's exuberant rays shape our daily life in more ways than is typically known; such as being responsible for the precipitation of both rain and snow. It 's an undeniable fact that our sun is a general good for humanity, however, it is not without many severe and potentially fatal side effects, caused by Ultraviolet Rays (UV) that can seriously ravage those it shines upon. Though the sun is imperative to all life and often healthy to be exposed to, just like most other things, it can be very dangerous if received in excess. The most common and well-known side effect of long term exposure to the sun is getting a sunburn. Sunburns can be vexing and sometimes extremely painful for a couple of days, but in most cases, aren 't too serious. However, in some circumstances,…

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