The Sun Also Rises By Jake Barnes Essay

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The Sun Also Rises is narrated by Jake Barnes and tells the story of a group of friends who visit Madrid, Spain to go see bullfights and some of the characters have conflicts with each other. Most of the conflicts involve romantic relationships with Brett and the other male characters in the novel. Brett had romantic relations with every male character in the book except Bill. Hemingway showcases Brett’s serial dating throughout the story and shows how one woman can affect everything. Brett’s selfishness and disregard for men leads to Jake’s torn heart, Mike’s hostility, Cohn’s obsession and Pedro’s ….
Brett constantly plays with Jake’s emotions and this results in Jake being torn between his head and his heart throughout the entirety of the novel. In the first instance, Brett and Jake are in a taxi cab and they kiss. Brett first tells Jake not to kiss her, and then later asks him to kiss her. This flip flop of emotions from Brett confuses Jake. In the text, it says, “Don’t touch me…Please don’t touch me,” (Hemingway 33) and a few minutes later Brett says, “Kiss me just once more before we get there” (35). Constantly toying with Jake’s heart, Brett is showing that she has no regard for Jake’s feelings and only cares about herself. When reflecting on his relationship with Brett, Jake begins to realize how much Brett has put him through and begins to despise Brett a little bit. In one part of the text, he eventually says, “Probably I never would have had any trouble if I…

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