Short Story Another Of Mike's Girls By Cormier

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Cormier, the author of the short story “Another of Mike’s Girls”, believed that love had a strong influence over the lives of those who are impacted by it. Not all love is romantic, and, often times, love is felt by a parent to their child. That kind of love, as mature as it may be, makes people as intransigent as the typical teen romance. Affection causes people to be irrational in their thinking, but it also can consume people. It can bring people up to the point”…of triumph and pride,” but it can also damage spirits and ”…lack motivation.” These feelings brings people to reach their highest highs, causing impulsivity. It, however, can bring people to their lowest low with the same emotions. To demonstrate this influence, Cormier uses symbolism …show more content…
Mike’s father knows that Jane is temporary, but he feels Mike’s grades “…are important for the future—for college, scholarships.” Mike 's father cares about his son’s future because he loves him and wants to see his son succeed. Mike failing an algebra test for some disposable girlfriend is irrational to his father because he wants his son to have a good future. Mike’s failed algebra test represents Mike defying his father’s feeling of what is logical. Mike’s father has his son to focus more on the future than on Jane, in an attempt to get Mike 's future back on track. This impulsive and nearsighted action came from a place of love. Mike’s father’s actions had inevitable consequences on Mike’s girlfriend, Jane. Mike dumps her in favor of his future, which wrecks Jane emotionally. Her feeling of self worth is in shambles. This is represented by her ice cream sundae. Ice cream is cold, but is sweet as well. Jane is said to be,”…a sweet girl,” and she is sweet towards the Croft family. After her break up with Mike, however, Jane becomes bitter and cold towards herself. She still acts sweet and joyous in front of Mike’s father, …show more content…
His views of love and its ability to destroy are represented through symbols. “Another of Mike’s Girls” is a return to the crude reality of love, which is different than what is viewed in the media today. Love is often romanticized for the enjoyment of the reader. Love, in reality, is not that simple. Cormier 's “Another of Mike’ Girls” has an unidealized view of love that is closer to reality than other books

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