Essay on The Suicide Of Brave New World

1309 Words May 31st, 2016 null Page
I think it is important that people be informed about what is going on in today’s society. Teen suicide is a large problem that many people may not know about. I think if people are educated about suicide and how they can empower themselves and others, the risk of suicide will decrease. In Brave New World, one of the main characters, John, commits suicide. John’s suicide was very impromptu as one might say because it was not planned; it was a sudden thing to occur. Even though John’s suicide in the story was not planned, I believe that he would have killed himself inevitably. Comparing John’s suicide to today’s society will help familiarize the true threat that suicide has on us and how we can prevent it. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the world. People don’t necessarily commit suicide because they want to die, but because they can’t handle the pain they feel that comes with life. They can’t cope with the pain in life and they having run out of ways to cope with their daily pain. A common pain that these people feel is the result of bullying from being different than everyone else. John was ridiculed for being different and singled out because of his ideas and beliefs. John acts in ways that are deemed socially unacceptable in the Brave New World but would necessarily be acceptable on the Reservation. The people in the Brave New World did not like that John was trying to change their ideas. John felt isolated and alone just like at the Savage Reservation. A…

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