The Success Of The American Dream Essay

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Dreams have the ability to lift people up. They have the ability to pull people from the darkest and vilest of situations and foster hope. Right now, hope is the only thing Syrians have in this world. Their lives are being torn apart. Weapons, torture and murder are all some Syrian children know, but their parents hope to provide a better life. They hope for a world of peace and opportunities for the future -- they hope for the American Dream. The American Dream has consistently been a goal for people the world over. And Syrians are no different. The Syrian Civil War began in 2011 and has been labeled a humanitarian crisis; biological and chemical warfare is being inflicted upon Syrian civilians. A quarter of a million people have died in the war and the average life expectancy of a Syrian has decreased by twenty years since its onset (Saholoul). It is no wonder that people are fleeing the country. Syria has fallen from its position as the second largest refugee accepting country to the world’s largest refugee producing country (“Remarks by Antonio Guterres”). The amount of people leaving the country is greater than the amount entering the country (Saholoul). And with more and more neighboring countries limiting the number of refugees that they are taking in, millions of Syrians are being left out of the cold. Countries like Turkey and Hungary are buckling under the strain of accepting refugees. Germany has sheltered over a million refugees since 2011 (Eilperin, Morello).…

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