Essay on The Success Of Children With Special Educational Needs

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The research project will analyse the success of including children with special educational needs (SEN) in a Key Stage 2 Classroom, the teachers’ perspective, including Special educational needs coordinators (SENCOs) and Teaching Assistants, and their attitude towards inclusion within the classroom and how this may affect their effectiveness. I feel this is an important area of research due to a recent shift in inclusive education. Over the past thirty years, children with SEN have become increasingly more likely to attend a mainstream school setting; figures have continued to increase until recently however where studies suggest a small increase in Children with SEN attending special schools, bucking the trend of inclusion (Morrison, 2014).
The Warnock Report in 1978 is regarded by many as the foundations of special needs education, the report suggested that we should identify the child’s ‘educational difficulties’ and ‘provide accordingly’ through the use of a statement. Mary Warnock’s suggestions became educational law in 1981 (Clough & Corbett, 2000, p. 3-4). For Warnock ‘Integration’ was very important in legislation and was inspired by the work of Wedell in the late 1950s, he noticed that integrating children with SEN or physical disabilities encouraged them to become less dependent on the teacher and more on each other, something which has been found to be of importance (p. 12).
Inclusion is to be approached with the participation of all children and practitioners…

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