The Success Of A Chief Executive Officer Essay

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Archie Newman had quite a difficult task ahead of him starting as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Asda in 1991. Asda got its start in 1920 as dairy farmers, they soon expanded and became one of UK 's largest Super Stores. But from 1981 to 1991 the company began to fail. Going from 1 billion surpluses in 1981 to 1 billion in debt by the end of 1991. This had become apparent by the lack of motivation from executives and managers at the top, all the way to the employees in the stores. In order for the company to avoid complete bankruptcy and failure, Asda had to do something and fast. The arrival of Archie Newman was the best thing that could have happened for Asda. But this wasn’t going to be an easy task, he definitely had his hands full.
When Archie Newman first arrived in Leeds, he could have made the whole transition less stressful. Archie excepted this job without thinking about his family or himself first. If Archie had gone to Leeds prior to accepting the challenging job he would have had an idea of what to expect before moving his family there. But not knowing what the town of Leeds was like, put even more stress on him. This made everything he had to do while transferring to Asda overwhelming. Accepting this job was a difficult decision Archie had to make, because if didn’t succeed at fixing the situation at Asda, this would cause getting another successful job, very difficult.
One of the biggest problems Asda and Archie had to deal with was, the structure and…

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