The Success And Failure Analysis, Benchmarking, And Analysis Essay

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TI current strategy to focus in customer and involve earlier into customer’s product life cycle, differentiate itself with rivals.
TI sales grow faster than industry average. The firm’s image and reputation grows stronger, TI profit margin increase and better than industry. The net profit and return on investment grow stably. The overall financial strength improves. TI can create the premium value to customer by providing additional service to help customer to solve issue and delivery when customer need. The key measures of operating performance remained steady. All of above indicate the Texas Instruments overall performance well with a well-defined and well executed strategy.
4.0 Strategic Issues Analysis
4.1 Critical Challenges
The success and failure analysis, benchmarking, financial ratios an external forces analysis drove the conclusion the critical challenges or Texas Instruments critical challenges. The challenges include the profitability affected by intense competition; the global operation subject to complex laws, regulation and policies. Today, technology is one of important part for human life cycle, example, cell phones and computers and the businesses expand rapidly, especially in the electronics and semiconductor industries. The competitors grown more diverse and make challenges more complex. The semiconductor industry for new innovation is looking at several options to overcome the challenges posed by the fabless-foundry model. TI need to move faster than…

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