The Subway I Work At Subway Essay

1345 Words Jun 10th, 2016 null Page
We always see the exchange of cultural, communication, ritual and family bonds with one another all the time. But we never come to realize that its everywhere you go no matter where in society you are you will always see some aspect of this. Last week at work I analysed my workplace. I work at Subway, and I am the youngest employee there I am a subway artist their and yet I see all these aspects of cultural, family bonds, gender, exchange, communication, race/ethnicity, ritual, and labor. After analysing this I wondered why are things the way they are here at subway why don’t we don’t we do things differently. And after observing for 1 shift they’re something things became obvious and others are still not clear they are still a blur.

Cultural Cultural has many different aspects to it like a shared and socially learned, it’s abstract and has arbitrary rules, and is mostly systematic but not always. The subway I work at in New West is mostly systematic and there are a lot of socially learned experience that I have seen promoted through knowledge and action. Usually at subway everything is planned ahead for example schedules, most of the time they don’t follow through like if a person is can’t make it to their shift then it changes the system and how things might be done due to their availability So you can’t always trust what the future shift says on the paper. Or another examples is delivery, when we get our delivery it is usually schedule in a systematic way when 1…

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