Essay about The Subjects Of International Law

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Subjects of International Law.
A subject of international is an individual, body or entity that is either recognised or accepted as being capable of possessing and exercising rights and duties under international law. Subjects of international law are States and non- State actors like individuals and international organisations. Some argue that international non-governmental organisations and multinational companies also fall into the category of subjects of international law.
Traditionally, States have been the only subjects or persons of International Law. However, with the establishment of international organisations, it has become necessary that a sort of international legal personality be granted to these entities. Thus, international organisations become subjects or persons of International Law. Beside States and international organisations, non-States entities such as members of federal States, belligerents, insurgents, national liberation movements, and international territories are granted a sort of international legal personality. Moreover, individuals, ethnic minorities, and indigenous peoples are considered, in certain circumstances, subjects of International Law. These persons and subjects of International Law are discussed in the following. 1. States.
States are the original and major subjects of International Law. Their legal personalities derive from the very nature and structure of the international system. All States, by virtue of the…

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