Simone Ggbo Case Study

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The major objective of this essay is to select a case from the International Criminal Court and to describe the circumstances of the case, the parties involved, the alleged crimes, the evidence presented by both prosecution and defense, and the current disposition of the case. The case that I have selected to write about is the case of The Prosecutor VS Simone Gbagbo. The parties involved in this case are Simone Gbargo, her husband President Gbagbo, the citizens of Ivory Coast which is located in west Africa , and finally the International criminal court. In the case of the Prosecutor VS Simone Gbagbo, the defendant is accused of violating the Roman statue and violating crimes against humanities which include murder, rape and sexual …show more content…
According to the prosecution Mrs. Gbargo was the alter ego of her husband and carried his plans out, even if this is true according to the defense there is no one to testify there is no evidence that she was the one who gave the orders for the violent turmoil to occur. According to the defense Simone Gbargo, Mrs. Gbargo did not have the power to order the military to do an attack on President Gbargo opponent supporters. Simone Gbargo did not put on a uniform and go out and commit the attacks herself, so how did can she be responsible for any of the attacks. The main defense is that Simone Gbargo was not in a position to make any decisions regarding the military, she had no power what so-ever in the government she was just the first lady which is a figure head position. Even though Mrs. Gbargo was the first lady, even if her husband committed crimes against humanity and she was aware of his crimes, she should not be held responsible for his crimes because a husband and wife cannot be forced to testify against each other. (Burke-wright

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