National Sovereignty And Economic Sovereignty

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Sovereignty, just as its name implies, the sovereignty means the state or a country can handle their own internal and external affairs independently, that the state is fully autonomous in the exercise of power and cannot be interference by other states. Also has the right to self-defense and the right to equality in international law. In short, the "autonomous self-determination," the highest authority. The concept of sovereignty to enter the field of international law, is derived from Hugo Grotius which a book called< the Law of War and Peace>, he stands in a legal perspective elaborated and demonstrated the principle of sovereignty between countries.(Chun.S,2005,p.5)

As the cornerstone of the international law, the principle of state sovereignty
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(11). Economic globalization is to promote the development of the country for the purpose, rather than undermine the economic sovereignty, also makes national sovereignty have been denied this statement in my opinion is not correct, it does not necessarily undermine the sovereignty of the country, but the state power change, development and globalization. It is often the result of the coordination of national power. Although the debate about national sovereignty over the centuries has never stopped, however intriguing is that, long-term debate about national sovereignty, whether defects on defining the concept of sovereignty, or against the effectiveness of national sovereignty theory critics, it does not affect the importance of national sovereignty Hundreds of years proved all doubt that criticism or not permit the arguments of national sovereignty, and not enough to prevent the consolidation of the status of the theory of national sovereignty in contemporary international law.(12) Around the world today, the sovereignty principle remains the most basic principles of organization and operation of the international community, is still in the conduct of international relations, national paradigm standardize and improve, providing the basic framework needed followed. So whether it is for meaning in international law or based on international political reality, we can obtain the status of national sovereignty have real irreplaceable

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