Essay about The Subconscious Intrusion Of The Media

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The Subconscious Intrusion

Society today has gone from wanting the basics in life as our American Dream to wanting more than we ever thought we could have. At a physiological level the drama and arousal of violent scenarios serve to create a sense of hysteria, authority and acceptance that is missing from most people’s lives. A population constantly bombarded with images, sounds, and emotions of shootings, bombings and rapes have become desensitized to such violent acts, altering the American dream and becoming a by-product of the lives seen in the media. Through movies, television shows, trending song lyrics, and video games, media violence has become harmful to those who over it, while other individuals find violent behavior a mental illness.

Children who are subjected to violence in the media are becoming inured to violence later on in life. In today’s world, almost every time a television is turned on an individual is met with a barrage of violent images such as explosions, suicide bombings, and war casualties. Populaces endlessly bombarded with violence “61% of programs on television contain violence” (Donnerstein) learn to think of it s a valid response to life’s growing stresses. Seeing is believing, so in today’s generation children are glued to the T.V instead of studying and playing outside like they use to and are instead, busy watching violent programs which is causing a deep impact on the child’s mind and subjection to becoming mentally distracted and…

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