Bridge Design Essay

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What is the design?
This design is a bridge stretching from the Sturt library across Sturt road and the A13. This bridge will allow for pedestrians to more than halve the time it takes to walk in the current circumstances. Both of the bridge locations shown in figure 1 and 2 have a travel time of less than 9 minutes assuming the students started walking from the Sturt Library.

The bridge has 2 possible resting places. These can be both seen in figure 1 and 2.

Figure 1. Bridge location from Sturt Library. This also shows the current path for getting to Tonsley.

Figure 2. This is an alternate location for the bridge. The bridge has to cover less ground here.

This bridge will allow for pedestrians to flow quickly from one side
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Figure 4. 3D representation of the bridge design.

This railway system allows for very fast travel from point A to point B safely. The tram will be like the seats on an amusement park ride turned sideways. It also will also have a place for people with wheel chairs to ride on it meaning that the bridge will allow for more people to travel from flinders to Tonsley with ease. The tram will be located in the center of bridge as can be seen in figure 5.

Figure 5. Top down of bridge layout. This shows how people will flow over the bridge.

The tram system will run every 5 minutes at non peak time (Between classes) and on demand during peak hour. This would be done by having spare trams in a shed next to each side of the bridge. All someone needs to do is call on a tram and a tram will come. This way a large flow of people can be processed quickly and efficiently. The time it takes to walk over the bridge is 8 minutes. However, this tram (running at 10km/h for safety) will be able to half this time. It also means that people that are not able to walk as fast (Such as people with disabilities) will still be able to get to their classes to on time. This tram system run off both solar power provided by solar panels on the bridge as well as power from the grid. This is payed for by the people using the tram. The solar panels will run along the roof of the bridge as can be seen in figure

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