The Study On Victimization Beginning Essay

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In the chapter on victimization beginning to end, I thought it was somewhat interesting. Victimization can happen at any stage in someone’s life. Does not matter what the person’s age maybe. Reading this chapter I realize identical to in previous chapters gender makes a huge difference. It is sad how people can take advantage of someone. The caregiver knows the child, or elder cannot defend themselves. At a weaken state where they cannot even realize they are being mistreated. When it comes to the child beginning, their developing, just starting to go through life. The elderly are towards the end of their life. They depend and trust someone to take care of them. This type of victimization to terrible. The victim cannot even fight back, or resort to any resources at their disposal.
Male child maltreatment
There are a number of reasons as to why children are maltreated. Now narrowing it down to just male children, there are still a lot of key factors. Explanations as to why male children are maltreated. The reports going into child maltreatment for males are different for women. When it comes to child abuse, females are more sexually abused. All the while male children receive more of the maltreatment in the statistics. Additionally since there are more male children being maltreated, there are a great deal of cases in death from those acts.
In today’s society we do not have the common nuclear family we once had. A family having a two parent household is not the…

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